CESCE promotes responsible and ethical business management which includes the development of good practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

CESCE GROUP's Code of Ethics

Our conduct over these years has been inspired by a set of values we have embraced and that determine our day-to-day activities:

  • Innovation
  • Support of economic activity and internationalisation
  • Customer commitment
  • Ethical and responsible conduct and
  • Commitment to people
  • Integrity

All these values, principles and behaviours have been laid down in CESCE GROUP's Code of Ethics which, updated and adjusted to Organic Law 1/2015 of 30 March amending the Penal Code and to the Solvency II directives, has been approved at the November 2016 meeting of the Board.

Ethics Code

Complaints Channel

The aim of CESCE Group’s Complaints Channel is to receive and deal with complaints regarding irregularities or breaches of the principles and values proclaimed in our Ethics Code.

It is a confidential communication channel common to all companies of the Group.

Scope of complaints

The channel is open to any possible irregularity or breach related to bad financial, accounting, or commercial practices, or regulatory non-compliance committed by employees or companies of CESCE Group.

Communication of the complaint

Complaints are submitted via electronic mail to the following address: canal.denuncias@grupocesce.es

Content of the complaint

All complaints must adequately detail any information that might be required in order to carry out an analysis of the allegations.

Thus, any communications received must include the following:

  • Name and ID Number (or similar) of the complainant;
  • Company of the complainant;
  • Contact data: phone number, e-mail, etc.
  • Content of the complaint: clear and detailed statement of the facts, the company/area affected and the date or period when they have occurred and identification of the persons possibly involved.

Furthermore, the complainant may accompany any evidence in his hands.


CESCE guarantees the confidentiality of the complainant, the subject of the complaint and of other possibly related parties, as well as the content of the complaint. In no case the complainant’s identity shall be revealed to the subject of the complaint. CESCE shall not tolerate retaliation of any kind for complaints submitted in good faith and where the complainant has reasonable grounds for believing it to be sustainable.

Protection of personal data

In compliance with current regulations on data protection, be informed that CESCE, S.A., located at Calle Velázquez, no. 74 – 28001 Madrid, e-mail address cesce@cesce.es, shall process the personal data you provided. Likewise be informed that CESCE counts on a Data Protection Officer whom you may contact via dpd@grupocesce.es

Your data shall be processed exclusively for the purpose of handling and managing complaints regarding irregularities or breaches of the principles and values proclaimed in CESCE’s Code of Ethics. In this way, only data strictly necessary for the purpose will be processed.

Processing of these data is grounded on compliance with a legal obligation. Note that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without this affecting the licitness of treatment based on consent given prior to withdrawal.

Our Complaints Channel is common to all companies of CESCE Group, wherefore CESCE may assign the referred personal data to its affiliates if necessary for the investigation, processing and/or resolution of a complaint.

Finally, be informed that you may at any time exercise the right to access, rectification, erasure, restriction, objection as well as the right to move your data and not to be subject to automated decisions, by mailing a written communication to the Head of our Legal Unit at Calle Velázquez, 74, 28001 Madrid, or via electronic mail to canal.denuncias@grupocesce.es.

For additional detailed information on data protection, please refer to our website https://www.cesce.es.

Complaints Channel Procedure - CESCE Group

Group’s Complaints Channel Procedures

The United Nations Global Compact

CESCE adhered to the Global Compact in March 2011, reaffirming our commitment to corporate social responsibility implemented since years in the areas covered by the 10 principles.

Each year the company reports on the progress made in the four areas of sustainability promoted by this initiative: Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-Bribery.

Since 2014, this information has been incorporated into the company’s annual report in keeping with our philosophy that sustainability is an integral part of our business.

If you wish, take a look at our Annual Report.


Internal Management Systems: Quality and Environment

CESCE, S.A. controls the direct impact deriving from its activities by means of an Environmental Control System certified to the ISO Norm 14.001. Since the implantation of the system, gradual improvements have been made to the facilities, equipments and processes that have led to increased energy efficiency and very significant reductions in the main resource consumption indicators (paper, water, etc.) as well as more efficient management of generated waste (fluorescent bulbs, batteries, toner, paper, etc.

The Environmental Management Systems is part of the (ISO 9.001) Quality Management System certified since 1999.

CESCE, S.A. as State Agency for Internationalization

The commitments assumed by the company in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are fully applied to the coverage of internationalisation risks on behalf of the State. But moreover, the public guarantees are subject to the terms and conditions laid down in the OECD rules governing, among others, social and environmental aspects, transparency, the fight against bribery or sustainable lending.

For further information on how CESCE implements the CSR principles to the officially supported products, please go to Sustainable Development.