Purpose and Risks Covered

Single Cover has been designed for ceertain export transactions which, due to specific features of the exporter and/or the transaction, cannot be insured under our CESCE Master Oro (Full Cover/Pay per Cover) or CESCE Classic solutions.

It provides coverage of non-payment by the debtor on account of commercial or political risks and also, optionally, coverage of the importer’s unilateral and unjustified termination of the contract.

CESCE insures risks during the phase of construction or execution of works.


  • With a payment term of less than two years: coverage of commercial and political risk
  • With a payment term of 24 to 36 months: coverage of commercial risk only.


Provided the debtor of the transaction resides in any of the following countries (“marketable/negotiable risks” according to the regulations of the European Union):

  • European Union (except Greece)
  • Outside the European Union: Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United States of America.

Insurance Details

  1. The exporter negotiates an export contract granting the customer deferred payment.
  2. The exporter approaches CESCE for coverage of the credit risk under the Individual Supplier Credit Policy and, if interested, for coverage of pre-credit risk.
  3. Once the export contract has been signed and the insurance policy been taken out, the exporter starts to perform the contract.
  4. If the exporter has contracted coverage of pre-credit risk and contract performance is interrupted or made impossible by the importer, CESCE will indemnify the Insured/Beneficiary for the net final loss arising from the termination of the contract.
  5. If the exporter takes out credit risk coverage, the debtor’s liability, which is the subject of coverage, arises as the exporter performs its contractual obligations.
  6. The debtor shall pay the exporter the trade credit according to the terms and conditions agreed.
  7. In case of default of the debtor, CESCE will indemnify the Insured/Beneficiary for the losses deriving from the non-payment of the trade credit.



  1. The exporter discovers a business opportunity
    As soon as your company identifies a possible export transaction, contact CESCE to find out about the possibilities of coverage. You do not need to wait until the conclusion of the contract to inquire as to the conditions and price of the insurance.


  1. The EXPORTER requests coverage under the Individual Supplier Credit Policy.
    To request coverage, e-mail us at suministrador@cesce.es and ask for the modality’s CESNET user codes. These enable you to fill in the application form, send it on-line and, furthermore, accompany the properly signed declaration stating compliance with the OECD Antibribery Convention and the inexistence of international sanctions. Notwithstanding that, you may also download the application form and then forward it via e-mail duly signed and sealed to suministrador@cesce.es.
  1. CESCE processes the application and answers the exporter.
    CESCE studies the application upon reception of the study expenses. If coverage of the operation in the terms proposed is accepted, CESCE issues a binding offer undertaking coverage of the transaction pursuant to the terms approved. The cover proposal remains valid during a specific period of time. In case coverage in the terms requested is not approved, CESCE informs the exporter of the decision in writing.


  1. The exporter signs the policy and sends it to CESCE
    Upon reception, the exporter signs the policy and returns it to CESCE. This is an essential requisite for the conclusion of the insurance contract.
  2. THE EXPORTER pays the premium
    The exporter pays the premium according to the terms and conditions established under the policy. Again, this is an essential requisite for the conclusion and inception of the contract.