Through Country Risk CESCE offers you a diagnosis of the political and commercial risks affecting foreign trade and investment transactions. Our assessments, based on the analysis of a country’s political and economic situation and its business environment, are grounded on over 40 years of experience acquired insuring the risks deriving from internationalisation.

Additionally, you may access the analyses of our Country Risk experts, including structured information, evaluations, ratings and other data, i.e., all the information relevant when taking decisions from the perspective of Spain’s major specialist in insuring foreign risks.

Country Risk Map


The colour of each country on the map is determined by medium and long term political risk.

Terms used to describe a country’s political and economic situation and perspectives.

Political Situation Internal/external Economic situation Outlook
Very stable Very favourable Positive
Stable Favourable
Relatively stable Regular Stable
Unstable Unfavourable
Very unstable Very unfavourable Negative

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