What is Financing Support?

CESCE has created this set of solutions exclusively for our clients with the aim to facilitate access to bank and non-bank financing.

CESCE’s analysis of the applications for funding result in a very high degree of security for the financing institution chosen by our client.

All of this is handled through Cesnet, our technological platform, where the financing institutions and our clients are kept up-to-date on the status of the credits financed.

Insurance Certificates

Certificates issued by CESCE facilitating access to bank financing with the support of trade receivables insured.

You may request the certification of invoices notified the insurer, maturing within 25 days or more as from the date of your request, in respect of credits granted debtors residing in Spain, the European Union (except Italy and Greece), Switzerland, USA, Canada and Latin America, simultaneously indicating the financing institution to be indemnified in case of default.

To facilitate access to funding, CESCE has entered collaboration agreements with several financing institutions that have examined and accepted CESCE certifications with them as irrevocable beneficiaries as an instrument of guarantee when granting bank financing.

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Liquidity Titles

Documents acknowledged by the Bank of Spain as a CESCE Personal Guarantee. They facilitate access to bank financing with the support of trade receivables insured by CESCE via the Factoring without Recourse modality.

Your company may access the issue of Liquidity Titles entering a factoring agreement with a financing entity after prior assignment without recourse of the relevant receivables.

This service is provided via a specific technological platform for clients and financing institutions. It facilitates the processing of applications regarding debtors residing in Spain, the European Union (except Italy and Greece), Switzerland, USA and Canada.

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Financiación Express

On-line service for free facilitating the obtaining of bank financing on the basis of trade receivables insured by CESCE on debtors worldwide.

All clients furnishing information on payments (from debtors they seek to finance) can finance their invoices pending collection designating their Financing Institution as Beneficiary of the Insurance. This designation, unique in the market, results in greater security for the Financing Institution, as CESCE analyses each credit and verifies its validity.

The analysis is based on the sales and collection data declared by our clients as well as on the terms and conditions of the Policy.

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CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas

Non-bank financing channel, modality Factoring without Recourse, of trade receivables covered by CESCE, at an optimum interest rate and with no need for further guarantees.

With CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas, we aim to offer our clients an alternative financing solution through a non-bank channel.

Regardless of the size of your company, we offer you for your sales in Spain or the European Union (except Italy and Greece) and Switzerland a new service enabling you to access non-bank financing: CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas.


  • Agility: Transfer of the funds within a máximum of 6 days as from your application for funding.
  • Diversification: Since this is a non-bank financing channel, bank lines are freed up for other finance products.
  • Security: the funds are fed via the contributions from different Spanish IBEX 35 sponsors.

What is necessary to benefit from the fund?

  • Access to Liquidity Titles
  • Conclusion of an assignment contract with CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas, implying a generic assignment per debtor.
  • Trade receivables eligible for the issue of Liquidity Titles.

Financing through the “CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas” solution is carried out via the acquisition without recourse of invoices by Fondo Apoyo a Empresas, a fund without legal personality managed by the Banque de Luxembourg.

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