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Statistics and Experience

It has been two years since CESCE introduced its environmental policy, in accordance with the OECD Recommendation on "Common Approach to the Environment and Officially Supported Export Credits" and following the instructions of the State Office of Tourism and Trade.

Whenever a new request is received, the export operation is classified according to its potential environmental impact. The environmental risk category determines, among other factors, the amount of information which will be required in order to carry out a detailed analysis of the potential impact of each separate case. Once all the required information has been assembled, the environmental risk of the operation is assessed and it is determined whether the project is acceptable under the suggested terms or whether some modification must be made. Cover may be denied for environmental reasons, although this has not yet occurred. A considerable part of the process - classification, attaining information and assessing the environmental impact - is computerized with the help of the Ecocheck software, developed by CESCE for this purpose.

Since February 2002 more than 600 operations have passed through the environmental filter. The following sections describe CESCE experience in applying their environmental policy in 2003 and during the first five months of 2004. These reports will be periodically updated.

Experience in 2005

Experience in 2006

Experience in 2007

Experience in 2008

Experience in 2009

Experience in 2010

Experience in 2011

Experience in 2012

Experience in 2013

Policies issued during 1st Quarter 2014

Category A projects under consideration

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