What is Risk Management?

CESCE puts at your company’s disposal its knowledge, experience and an innovative system for the monitoring and control of your customer portfolio to assist you with your decisions and follow-up on credit risks.

Our Risk Management tools will help you find new and solvent customers in Spain as well as abroad and facilitate the commercial management of your business.

The system offers you statistical decision models tested on different countries, handling millions of data on hundreds of thousands of companies, that is, representing for your company a sophisticated outsourcing mechanism for the control of your risks.

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Risk Management offers you

  • Analysis and monitoring of your customers in real time via Cesnet, our technological platform.
  • Information on more than 650,000 companies
  • The experience of a team of professionals in the analysis of risks and with more than 40 years in credit risk management.
  • Credit recommendations binding when granting coverage.
  • The security that our team will constantly control your customer portfolio and assist you with its management.