You will benefit from the following services included in CESCE MASTER ORO

CESCE Connect

CESNET integrated into your system. Safely connect your ERP to CESCE’s management system.

Country Risk

A diagnosis of the risks deriving from trade and investment abroad.

CESCE Connect

CESCE Connect is an agile, automated service, totally free of charge, enabling you to safely connect your ERP system to CESCE’s management system. It speeds up the credit decision process, reduces administrative costs and increases efficiency and reliability.

Service activation with a single call: 902 11 10 10 | +34 911 931 999

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Benefits and Security of CESCE Connect

For the daily management of your credit risks, CESCE Connect enables you to automate and integrate the following functionalities into your management system:

  • Identification of companies in CESCE’s database
  • Applications for the endorsement of companies, receipt of credit decisions and monitoring updates.
  • Bulk declarations of sales, collections and extensions; no more need for manual notifications.
  • Requests for financing, input of documents, shipping notes and invoices.
  • Notification of non-payments.

CESCE applies secure data transmission protocols. Absolutely all information is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, a security standard for data exchanges, using security certificates issued by accredited entities.

The SSL protocols encrypt the information travelling between two systems and guarantee the confidentiality of the data as well as the authentication of the connections. The data exchange with CESCE Connect guarantees that the data are shared with CESCE only.

CESCE Connect in 200 words


Speedy and flexible service | Easy integration | Flexibility | Continued support | Multiprotocol

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Country Risk

A diagnosis of the risks arising from trade and investment abroad prepared by CESCE’s Country Risk and Debt Management Unit:

  • Macroeconomic Charts
  • Country Risk Files
  • Documents on Spain
  • Country Risk Reports
  • Investment Risk Files
  • All information needed to avoid risks and find new customers