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As Export Credit Agency (ECA), CESCE has been managing export credit insurance on behalf of the State since 1970.

Pursuant to Law 8/2014 of 22 April on State coverage of Spanish internationalisation risks, CESCE is in charge of covering the risks associated to the internationalisation of the Spanish economy, even though it is the State that ultimately meets the insurance liabilities.

Risks are covered under several insurance modalities, depending on the different characteristics of the transactions to insure. This generates premiums and indemnities payable to the insured in case of loss.

As managing agent, CESCE collects premiums, pays indemnities, recovers defaulted amounts and manages debt accumulating with different countries, on behalf of the State.

The State controls and supervises the instrument through the State Risk Committee. The Committee is empowered to decide in matters of risk coverage on behalf of the State. Furthermore, the operations are audited by different bodies of the Administration, e.g. the Court of Auditors.

The Organisation

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  • Chairman and CEO: Mr. Álvaro Rengifo Abbad
  • Gross remuneration collected in 2017 for all items (fixed plus variable): 31,525.93 euros


Access to public information

Application for access to information

1. The procedure to exercise the right of access is initiated with the relevant application addressed in writing to the Head of the Enterprise Risk Unit or e-mailed to

2. The application may be submitted through whatever means but must establish:

  • the identity of the applicant;
  • the information requested;
  • a preferably electronic contact address for communications;
  • If so, the desired type of access to the information sought.

Causes of non-admission

Applications will be refused by means of a properly reasoned decision, if (i)

  • referring to information still being processed or in the public domain;
  • referring to information of an ancillary or supporting nature, as is contained in notes, drafts, opinions, summaries, internal reports of communications shared by administrative bodies or authorities;
  • related to information which before dissemination requires further elaboration;
  • referring to information not at the disposal of CESCE , the competent source being unknown;
  • patently repetitive or abusive in a measure not warranted by transparency under Law 19/2013.

(ii) not complying with the requisites of identification and formalisation set out in the previous section Application for Access


1. If the information requested is not at its disposal, the company will forward the application to a competent source, if known, informing the applicant.

2. If the application does not sufficiently identify the information, the applicant will be asked to provide further detail within a period of 10 days, indicating that, should he not do so, the application shall be deemed to have been withdrawn and the period for issuing a decision shall be suspended.

3. Should the information requested affect the rights or interests of duly identified third parties, these are granted a period of 15 days to submit the allegations they consider appropriate. The applicant must be informed of the circumstance, as well as of the suspension of the period established for taking a decision until such allegations are received or until the period for submission has elapsed. If the information subject of the application, even though at the disposal of the company, has been elaborated or generated in its entirety or major part by someone else, the application will be forwarded to that party for it to decide on access.


1. The applicant and third parties affected shall be notified of the decision granting or refusing access, if so requested, within a maximum period of one month as from the receipt of the application by the body competent to decide. This period may be extended for another month in case that the volume or complexity of the information sought do so require and prior notification of the applicant.

2. Decisions denying access, granting partial access or access through a modality other than requested or allowing access when a third party had presented allegations against it, must be reasoned properly. In the latter case, the interested party shall be expressly informed that access is allowed only once terminated the period set forth in article 22.2d of Law 19/2013.

3. Where the mere indication of the existence or not of the information is an infringement of any of the limits to access, this circumstance is indicated when an application is dismissed.

4. Once the maximum period for resolution has elapsed and no express decision has been taken or notified, the application is understood to have been dismissed.

Formalization of access

1. The application for access to information may be submitted (a) by mail to CESCE’s offices of to any Office of the Administration pursuant to the form provided, by means of a written communication addressed to CESCE, with the handwritten signature of the duly identified applicant (copy of his ID card and/or power of attorney when representing a legal entity, as well as deed of incorporation) or (b) by telematic means (electronic mail), provided that the application is made using the electronic signature, the electronic identification, electronic certificate or other means accepted by the administration. If access cannot be granted upon notification of the decision, it must be granted within a maximum period of ten days.

2. Access to information must be free of charge. Nevertheless, copies issued or information provided in a format other than the original may entail settlement of the relevant expenses.

Pursuant to the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, be informed that the data provided by means of this form shall enter to form part of a client register under the responsibility of COMPAÑÍA ESPAÑOLA DE SEGUROS DE CRÉDITO A LA EXPORTACIÓN, S.A. CÍA DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS (CESCE). The purpose of this register is the management of the services requested with the form as well as to offer you our products and services. You may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by way of a communication addressed to the company responsible for the register, CESCE, S.A., located at Calle Velázquez, no. 74 in Madrid (postal code 28001). Furthermore, please refer to our Disclaimer regarding the Conditions of Usage of the service.