What is CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas?

CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas is an initiative fundamentally aimed at supporting businesses to obtain liquidity via a new, non-bank or alternative financing formula. It grants significant benefits and exclusively uses assets deriving from the business’ customer portfolio.

The funds for this initiative in support of enterprises looking for financing are largely provided by big Spanish sponsors such as Ferrovial, Mutua Madrileña and Técnicas Reunidas, who back the initiative and help to alleviate the difficult situation of small and medium size enterprises when it comes to accessing funds./p>

The primary advantage of CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas consists in that financing without recourse is made available within 6 days and at an annual 2.75%.

Who is the addressee?

CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas is aimed at any company seeking a flexible and safe alternative to obtain liquidity and to eliminate the risk of insolvency by discounting invoices through factoring without recourse, i.e., any company

  • selling on credit, or
  • intending to improve its balance sheet ratios reducing customer balances, or
  • experiencing uncertainty on payment due dates.

What are the advantages?

  • CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas is a non-bank financing channel for companies toaccess liquidity at an optimum interest rate of merely 2.75%.
  • Regardless of the size of your business or whether you sell only in Spain or also abroad, you may opt for funding from Fondo Apoyo a Empresas.
  • Within maximum 6 days as from your request, the funds are made available.
  • Since this is a non-bank channel, the transaction is not recorded by CIRBE, neither does it use up your company’s bank facilities nor those of the supplier paying the bills.
  • CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas counts on the backing of solid, top ranking Spanish enterprises.

How do I access the Fund?

The process to obtain financing through CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas is very simple, the contracting circuit is fully automated.

The Application

1. Apply via our online platform CESCE Fondo Apoyo a Empresas and you will receive our proposal specifying the facility granted together with the purchase percentage applicable to the invoices assigned (a percentage between 80% and 90% fixed for one year). You may also apply by phone, albeit our proposal will always be made in writing.

2. You will receive a draft of the Assignment Contract, as well as detail of the data needed to prepare the contract for signature: copy of the identity card, data of the signatories, current account where we are to transfer the funds, scanned copy of proxy (both yours and the financing entity’s), a sample of the invoice and of the note of delivery or evidence that the debtor has been rendered the service.

The Process

1. Once the above documents have been received and validated, you will agree a date for signature of the Assignment Contract at your offices with one of CESCE’s agents. This signature shall not imply any cost or obligation for your company.

The obtention of funds

2. Upon signature of the Assignment Contract, we will e-mail you the codes for access to the platform for you to start submitting invoices and the funds will be transferred within 6 days.