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CESCE, Compañía Española de Seguros de Crédito a la Exportación S.A. Cía. de Seguros y Reaseguros is a State corporation and belongs to the public sector for the purposes of Public Sector Contract Law (RDL3/2011 of 14 November). It has the status of a “non-contracting authority” according to its private legal nature and mercantile character in conformity with art. 3 of the above legal text, owing to the concurrence of the following determining circumstances:

  • The State holds a majority share in its capital as set forth under Law 10/1970 and Decree 3138/1971.
  • Its business activities are of general interest, instrumenting technical assistance, cooperation and the promotion and development of export activities on behalf of the Spanish State.
  • It is subject to control by the public authorities.

This determines that contracting is governed by the provisions of art. 192 of the referred Public Sector Contract Law, the legal basis of the company’s internal regulations and general, objective procedures for the award of contracts, in compliance with the following principles:

  • The principle of competition which aims to ensure that any interested party can participate in a tendering and contract process by submitting a bid or proposal.
  • The principle of publicity requiring that a sufficient number of potentially interested parties can be aware of a call for competition.
  • Therefore, minor contracts are processed and awarded through a negotiated, restricted procedure, and the more significant through an open procedure.
  • The principle of confidentiality ensuring that the criteria of maximum discretion and prudence are implemented in the process of award, without the required publicity undermining the interest of the contractor.

In addition to these principles, others are applied such as transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, all in accordance with the provisions regarding the obligations of companies considered “non-contracting authorities” under Public Sector Contract Law. Information on the company’s contracting is continually updated on the State Contracting Platform and also on the company’s website.

According to the first transitional provision of the consolidated text of Public Sector Contract Law (Royal Decree Law 3/2011) and reference to Law 30/2007 of 30 October, the award and regulation of contracts , the relevant dossiers of which were created by the company before the above law became effective on 30 April 2008, and of contracts concluded before 16 December 2011, respectively, will be governed until their termination, including the system of extensions established therein, by the earlier regulation applicable.

In order to ensure the transparency of contracting and public access to information without detriment to other voluntarily selected means of publicity, the company disseminates its contractor’s profile on the State Contracting Platform and through the appropriate links:

  • a) on the Company website,
  • b) in the advertisements on eventual contracting and on contract awards.


Phone: 902 11 10 10

Internal Contracting Regulations

Internal regulations and procedures applicable to the award of contracts.

On this website, CESCE publishes its internal regulations on contracting.

Download (Spanish version)

Link to the State Contracting Platform (PLACE by its Spanish acronym)

Law on Transparency (Contracts)

According to our regulations, the information on minor contracts and on contracts handled in open procedures can be accessed on the State Contracting Platform. For all others, please click here.

Law on Transparency (Agreements)

Information on Agreements